Medical Exam For Abroad

Medical exams are a common requirement for working abroad. This is to ensure that an applicant is in good health. The medical examination will also help to determine if the individual is able to work under various conditions.

The medical exam is typically a blood test and physical examination. Depending on the doctor’s assessment, the applicant may be prescribed medication. Applicants with certain conditions such as tuberculosis will be required to provide a certificate signed by an attending doctor.

If the applicant is unable to complete a medical exam, an employer may cancel the offer. This can be especially problematic for people already abroad who risk deportation due to medical reasons.

Applicants can request to have the medical exam rescheduled. Usually, the medical exam is the last step before a job offer is made. It can take several hours.

During the exam, the medical staff will take blood and stool samples. They will also check the teeth, anus, nose, throat, heart and eyes. In addition, the applicant will be asked to disrobe for the exam.

Medical tests are also mandatory for applicants applying for permanent residency or for a green card through the adjustment of status process. Those who are not immunized against certain diseases of public health significance may be refused the application.

For those with a history of violent behavior, the applicant must provide a report. They may also need to undergo procedures such as a biopsy or spinal tap.


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