The University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies is Closing

university of foreign military and cultural studies

University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS) is a formal TFNC school located at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. It is one of the most prestigious of the military’s many academies. The school was created as a response to the Army Chief of Staff’s Actionable Intelligence Task Force. This group of top brass believed that the time and energy wasted in preparing Army red teams to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield would be better spent on training Army officers to be leaders of the future.

In its short career, UFMCS was responsible for providing red team training to many of the world’s most elite militaries, allied and venerable government agencies. Among its more notable achievements is developing the Army’s Human Terrain System. Having a formal school of this caliber is no small feat. As is the fact that UFMCS was a TRADOC sponsored effort.

As with many military endeavors, budget cuts inevitably came into play. With a modest annual budget, the TFNC was not able to support the purchase of a single Bradley Fighting Vehicle. That said, the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies’s mission is to foster critical thinking, cultural empathy and to develop cognitive capabilities and to the Army’s advantage.

Despite the best intentions, UFMCS’s closing is the result of an absurdly shortsighted Trump Administration. Instead of stealing money from the Pentagon, the senate and the White House should have heeded the advice of former President Obama and the military.


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