How to Study Medicine in the USA

how to study medicine in usa

The study of Medicine in the United States requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Aspiring doctors must spend at least four years in college and three to seven years in residency training. Once a doctor has completed the program, he or she will be able to practice medicine anywhere in the world.

To study medicine in the USA, aspiring students must earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Various courses are offered at undergraduate level. Many students choose to take Chemistry or Biology programmes.

After graduating with a BS degree, aspiring medical professionals apply for residencies. Residents receive specialized training from experienced physician educators. They can also pursue specialties during the residency.

After completing the residency program, aspiring doctors are eligible to sit for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). This examination assesses a doctor’s skills in patient-focused care and clinical management.

Students should consider a BS/MD accelerated program. These programs allow aspiring medical professionals to finish undergrad in only 3 years instead of 4. However, these are extremely competitive. It is important to choose a university that is well-recognized and reputed.

International students seeking admission to the MD program must prepare to invest a significant amount of time and money. They will need to prove that they can provide at least $25,000 annually for living expenses in the US. In addition, they should have a good GPA. Applicants must also pass the MCAT test.

Most medical schools in the US require an MCAT score, which must be taken one year before the intended start date for Medicine. The MCAT is a 7.5 hour computer-based multiple choice exam. Taking the MCAT on time will increase your chances of admission.


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