Agricultural Degrees – Study in Australia

agriculture study in australia

Agricultural degrees are offered by a wide range of universities in Australia. The best programs will provide students with a solid foundation in agricultural science as well as a range of practical skills. Many universities also offer internships or work placements for students to put their learning into practice.

There are also many VET courses available in agriculture. These are offered by TAFE institutes and private education providers. You can choose from a variety of options including farm management, animal breeding, crop and pasture science, and sustainable agriculture. Some colleges even offer dual degrees.

Some programs focus on niche areas and others on the business side of the industry. Popular majors include Animal Genetics, Crop and Pasture Science, and Viticulture. Other options may include agribusiness, economics, and environmental studies.

Most courses will include some form of work placement. This will help students decide what careers they would like to pursue and improve their employability once they find a job in the field.

Agriculture studies are conducted in a range of regional and metropolitan universities. Students are taught in both lectures and tutorials, with some institutions offering hands-on training through a university farm.

Entry requirements vary by institution. For some institutions, a high school diploma is required. Others require an IELTS or TOEFL score. If you plan to study abroad, be sure to check the requirements of your chosen university before you commit.

A bachelor’s degree in agriculture is considered a prerequisite for most career paths in the field. However, students can also earn a master’s degree in the field.


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