Asian Studies Graduate Programs

best asian studies graduate programs

Whether you want to study the language, culture, history or politics of Asia, there are many Asian studies graduate programs that can help you deepen your knowledge of this vast region. Graduate degrees in Asian Studies can lead to careers in teaching, journalism, business, government and other fields. They also provide valuable knowledge of the culture and language of East Asia.

Depending on the program, students may be able to choose from a broad range of courses about East Asia, including art, literature, history, political science, religion and Asian language. Students can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, or they can take classes online or via a hybrid program.

The Master of Arts in East Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that provides a comprehensive understanding of the culture, language and politics of East Asia. Faculty members specialize in the humanities, economics, politics and literature of the region.

Students can opt to complete a thesis course as part of the MASIA. The thesis typically is 40-50 pages in length. Most students will have to complete a minimum of two years of coursework to be admitted to the program. If a student has an advanced command of an East Asian language, he or she is encouraged to complete a second year of language training.

The Master of Arts in East Asian Languages and Civilizations offers advanced study of modern cultures and languages of Japan, China, and Korea. It also allows students to design a individualized program to focus on a specific area of Asian Studies.


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