Documents Required For US Student Visa

Students who wish to study in the USA are required to submit several documents to the US Embassy in order to get a student visa. Some of these documents include academic transcripts, standardized test scores, and proof of funding. In addition to these, students must provide a photo and proof of their financial ability to support themselves.

Applicants can obtain a list of accredited universities in the US by visiting the government’s Study in the States website. An accredited university will ensure that the degree earned is recognized worldwide. These institutions can also provide a document package for a student to apply for a student visa.

The first step to obtaining a student visa is to prepare for the visa interview. During the interview, an immigration officer will ask questions about the applicant’s academic background, finances, and plans after graduation. To prepare for the interview, you should bring all the necessary documents.

The student’s financial documentation must prove that he or she has enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses. This can be verified with the DS-2019, the form that the student will be provided by his or her university. You must provide proof of funding, including financial statements and bank statements. If you do not have an original copy of your financial statement, you will need to bring a certified copy.

Applicants must bring a current passport. They must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of their stay in the United States. It is also recommended to bring at least two recent photographs.


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