Study Abroad Consultants in Pune

study abroad consultants in pune

Choosing the right study abroad consultancy can help your child succeed. Studying abroad offers an opportunity to explore new cultures, learn from better professors and discover new job opportunities.

A study abroad consultant in Pune can help you find the best overseas university. They can also assist you with the application process. Many international education consultants in Pune have tie-ups with prestigious foreign universities. These agencies charge different prices. You must choose the best option for you.

The application process for international education is complicated. Students and professionals need assistance from a study abroad consultant in Pune. In addition, they will need to provide a variety of information about their choice of course and institution.

One of the most trusted overseas education consultants in Pune is GoUSA. It offers a complete package of services, including visa processing, loan processing, application guidance, and career counseling. This organization has been helping thousands of students from India to get admission in reputable colleges and universities.

Another education consultancy in Pune that helps students with their application is Tutos Professionals. The company’s specialists are adept at GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS preparation. Additionally, they can guide you through the visa process and arrange a meeting with a counselor in the branch that is most convenient for you.

Having the right knowledge to navigate the study abroad process can make all the difference in getting your dream to come true. Most overseas education consultants in Pune charge a fee between Rs. 10,000 and 30,000. However, they may offer additional services at a higher price.


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