Scholarships For Summer Study Abroad

scholarships for summer study abroad

Summer study abroad scholarships can help you achieve your academic goals. During your summer term, you can spend three to six weeks abroad in a host country and learn about new cultures.

There are many types of scholarships available. Some are awarded by colleges or countries, while others are awarded by specific study abroad programs. These scholarships are typically offered based on your academic credentials and personal financial need.

Students can find scholarships for summer study abroad through the Education Abroad Office. Although the Education Abroad Office does not award scholarships to cover the cost of a full program, the office will determine your eligibility based on one electronic application.

Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to get a grant for $900. This scholarship is awarded based on your expected family contribution, your FAFSA, and your expected contribution to education.

If you are a minority, you may be able to get enrolled in a summer study abroad program in Latin America. The Boren Scholarship program is a government initiative that provides funding for students studying in critical regions.

Students can also apply for a Pell Grant to support their summer study abroad experience. Students can also use Gilman Scholarships, which are available to undergraduate students of any major.

Lastly, there are a number of scholarships that are funded by individuals. For example, the Ashley Soule Conroy family offers a scholarship to support undergraduates wishing to travel to China or Japan.


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