Studying Journalism Abroad

journalism study abroad

If you are a student in the communications field, you may want to consider studying journalism abroad. Getting hands-on experience and learning about other cultures can help you develop new skills and gain a better understanding of the world.

There are many ways to study journalism abroad. You can take courses for academic credit, participate in an internship, or do independent study. The programs can vary from semester to semester, but a few basic requirements are common.

Students interested in studying journalism will learn how to produce a multimedia story, using social media effectively. They will also learn to use computer programming skills and develop web apps. In addition, they will write and produce full-length stories for publication on deadline.

Journalism majors are typically driven and curious. They love to ask questions and are willing to go outside their comfort zone. This course will give them the tools they need to work with diverse communities, report on global events, and write for a variety of newspapers.

Throughout the semester, students will work in two industry-standard newsrooms. They will be armed with digital cameras and audio recorders. A few classes will require oral reports and short papers. These are graded on an A-F basis.

Students will also be introduced to ethical issues related to the field, including the responsibility of journalists to their community. Students will also learn how to create effective and ethical news photographs.

The International Reporting Australia Maymester Abroad Program offers students a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive reporting and writing seminar. It takes place from late May to late June.


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