List of US Universities That Accept GRE Scores

List of university accept GRE Score

The Graduate Record Examination, GRE for short, is an internationally renowned test. It is used for admissions into postgraduate programs. However, it is not the only type of entrance examination. Nevertheless, it is a good choice to take the GRE if you are aspiring to get a degree from the United States.

Some of the universities that accept GRE scores are the University of Louisville, California State University, Northridge, and Stanford University. These institutions offer graduate and undergraduate study programs in fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and business. Generally, a high score on the GRE qualifies you for a scholarship or research assistantship, and can also help you land a good job after graduation.

In addition, the universities mentioned below are also known for their high-quality teaching. They have excellent facilities, and have top-notch professors. This list can be helpful to prospective students looking for the best options in the US. Whether you are considering a bachelor’s degree or a master’s, these schools can provide you with the tools to succeed.

Despite the fact that the list of US universities that accept GRE scores is small, these institutions have earned their place on the list with merit. Their offerings range from traditional bachelor’s degrees to unconventional, specialized programs. Moreover, these universities have impressive graduate programs in many fields.

As far as what kind of score you should aim for, you should know that the minimum required for admission in the USA is a 75th percentile. The average GRE score for each school is different, but the most common is around 300. Depending on the program, you might be able to boost your score by taking an online course. If you want to earn an MBA, you may even consider taking a course that does not require the GRE.

Although there are several colleges that offer the same programs, the ones mentioned below are known for their high-quality academics and their faculty. For instance, the University of Louisville is well-known for its medical research center and has an enviable reputation in many disciplines.

The University of Pennsylvania is the fifth oldest university in the U.S. Founded in 1643, it is a research institution that is supported by state and local governments. Its most notable accomplishments include the first ever combined undergraduate and graduate program. Its nursing department is the most popular major in the school, and it ranks among the top three schools in the country for its nursing programs.

The list of US universities that accept GRE scores contains some of the most prestigious and competitive colleges in the country. To find out more about these universities, contact the study abroad counselors or visit the official website. With this information, you will be able to find the right college for you. After all, you have to choose the best.

Among the universities that accept GRE scores, the University of Louisville has stood out for its renowned medical research center. Moreover, it is one of the most competitive schools for the GRE 295.


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