Scholarships For Summer Study Abroad

scholarships for summer study abroad

Scholarships for summer study abroad can help you afford to spend the time you need to learn about a different culture, gain valuable experience and expand your knowledge. There are a number of scholarship programs available for students of any major. Before you apply, you’ll need to determine which scholarships are best for you.

Some scholarships are specific to a particular university or program. These scholarships may require you to take a course in a certain subject or to enroll in a study abroad institute.

Another type of scholarship is offered by the study abroad institution itself. Students are awarded these scholarships for personal achievement, academic achievement or financial need. You should check with your college or program provider for more details about these scholarships.

Several government-sponsored travel websites also offer information about scholarships. These websites often have information about scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Some universities have programs dedicated to underrepresented students in study abroad. Brandeis University is one example. It offers a wide range of study abroad programs in Germany and Austria, among other countries.

The Freeman Awards for Study in Asia provide scholarships for U.S. students to spend a semester or year abroad. This program aims to increase the number of Americans with firsthand exposure to Asia.

In addition, the AIFS Foundation and the Institute of International Education co-author publications on study abroad. These organizations also support study abroad and award scholarships to deserving students.


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