Study Medicine in the UK

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Medicine is a career that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. This makes it a highly competitive course. Despite this, there are thousands of international students accepted into medicine programs every year.

Medical studies are offered in 35 universities in the UK. Each university offers different courses. Some of these include pre-clinical and clinical subjects. The degree program is usually divided into four to six years. Students must sit for exams and submit grades before graduating.

Most medical schools require applicants to have high grades and have a passion for the field. Applicants are evaluated based on their answers to an application form and their performance during their undergraduate career. They are ranked based on these scores and will be granted an offer of admission.

Traditionally, medical courses have been split into two parts: the pre-clinical phase and the clinical phase. These phases have different objectives. Although there is a trend towards a more integrated curriculum, some schools continue to use lecture-based learning.

Problem-based learning is also used in the medical curriculum. This method of education is based on the teaching technique developed by French educationalist Celestin Freinet in the 1920s. PBL promotes self-study and the resulting inferences can lead to further learning goals.

A student’s choice of the learning environment can influence the outcome. Some students have felt less detached from the clinical aspect of medicine through this method. Others have been forced to isolate themselves in halls of residence.


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