Why Study in Ukraine?

Study in Ukraine

Ukrainian higher education offers a number of advantages to students worldwide. These include a world class education, low costs and a high quality of life.

Students will benefit from the country’s dynamic climate and culture. There are ample job opportunities in Ukraine and its economy is growing every year. International companies are interested in opening branches in the country. You can also participate in bilateral student exchange programs with other countries. In addition, a study abroad experience in Ukraine is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

The Ukrainian higher education system is recognized by many international bodies. This includes UNESCO and AMEE. It offers a variety of courses, including Bachelor’s, Masters and Specialist degrees. Most courses are taught in English. During your time in Ukraine, you can immerse yourself in a new culture, while gaining a globally recognised degree.

Ukrainians are friendly and welcoming to foreign students. Students are able to choose from 313 universities. Universities in Ukraine have partnerships with universities in other countries, which enables international students to take advantage of these collaborations. Moreover, Ukrainian institutions have lower tuition fees than other European countries.

Students in Ukraine are able to enjoy a warm climate all year round. There are a number of short term preparatory courses available for those who want to learn the language of the country before taking up a course. Those who have a refugee status or temporary assistance can apply for Ukrainian scholarships and public funding.

Several leading Ukrainian universities offer high quality lecturer and research facilities. Students are also able to engage in internships with well-known enterprises. They are able to get involved in international exchange programs, which enables them to enrich their education with the help of world-renowned professors.

When applying to a Ukrainian university, you can choose from a wide range of subjects and programs. Foreign students can opt for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Generally, undergraduate courses require four years of study, while Masters and Specialist courses require five and a half or six years of study. Although, the exact course required will depend on your field of study.

In addition, a number of Ukrainian universities have partnerships with renowned universities around the world. This means that international students can choose from a variety of courses, which are globally recognised.

Ukrainian universities offer a wide variety of courses, which are taught in English. Besides, the country is home to a diverse population, making it easy to interact with peers from different cultures. Compared to other countries, the cost of living is relatively inexpensive. However, the exact cost will depend on the lifestyle of the student.

Getting a visa to Ukraine is easy and simple. Students can obtain a temporary residence permit to allow them to work. For those who wish to stay permanently in Ukraine, they can apply for an EU residency permit. Lastly, foreign scholars can live in a university dormitory or apartment.

Unlike other countries, you can study in Ukraine without having to take an entrance exam. If you have the required qualifications, you can apply for a Master’s or Doctor’s degree.


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