Summer Study Abroad

summer study abroad

Summer study abroad provides students with a unique international experience outside of the regular academic year. It can be a great way to earn credits, enhance language skills, and learn more about different cultures.

Students interested in studying abroad during the summer can choose from a number of programs that are offered by universities. For some, the best fit is a semester-long program, while others prefer shorter, more intensive summer programs.

Students who want to pursue a year-long program should talk with an advisor to determine whether they are eligible for a scholarship. A scholarship can help cover the costs of travel, housing, and other expenses. However, scholarships typically do not cover the full cost of the program.

Students who attend a home university can also apply for credit transfer programs. If they wish to pursue a year-long program, they must first speak with an academic advisor to ensure that the courses will count toward their degree.

A third option is to enroll in a third-party program. IES Abroad, for example, offers summer programs in a wide range of locations. These programs can be tailored to a student’s major and interests, and can be arranged in a variety of languages.

Studying abroad can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. It can open a student’s eyes to the world, increase their academic perspective, and even sharpen their professional goals.

Summer programs provide a unique opportunity for students to experience a new culture and take part in hands-on activities. Many students who have studied abroad have traveled the European continent, and a trip to Asia is common as well.


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