MBBS in New Zealand – An Excellent Option For Indian Students

MBBS in New Zealand is an excellent option for Indian students looking to get a degree. There are various support systems and scholarship opportunities available for international students. Moreover, the cost of studying MBBS in New Zealand is not very high, making it an attractive option for many students.

In order to apply for a medical course in New Zealand, an applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in science or biology. If they are not a native English speaker, they must submit a proof of language proficiency. The MBBS course in New Zealand is accredited by UNESCO.

Admission requirements vary from medical college to medical college. For example, to study at the University of Otago, an applicant must have passed the MBBS entrance examination.

The course in New Zealand is six years long. During the first year, the student will undergo an internship program. In the fifth year, the student may opt for an eight-week voluntary course. Alternatively, the student may select a specialization. Once the student has completed the course, they will be eligible to take the exit exam.

As there is a shortage of doctors in New Zealand, there are numerous career options for students. Several universities offer scholarships for full-fee paying international students. These include scholarships for convenience costs as well as travelling expenses. Besides, the student can also earn an extra income during the course period.

Students can choose to participate in extracurricular activities and socialize with other students. Aside from that, they can take part in e-meetings with experts.


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