The Best English-Taught Bachelor’s Degrees in Europe

european universities teaching in english

English-taught bachelor’s degrees are becoming more popular in Europe. Universities in this region are more likely to offer depth and breadth, but may also have good links to industry and industry leaders.

Most of the top universities in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain are in English-speaking countries. However, there are some European countries with no English-taught undergraduate programs. You should check the requirements for your desired study destination.

Among the top English-taught universities in Europe are Lund University, the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge. In addition to their excellent teaching, these institutions are also among the most prestigious in the world.

These European universities often offer excellent interdisciplinary programs. They have great reputations in the fields of engineering, science, and the arts. There are also several English-language graduate degree programs. For instance, the University of Oslo offers more than 70 graduate degree programs, ranging from Peace and Conflict Studies to Data Science.

The International Telematic University has an extensive selection of postgraduate courses in English. Some of the topics covered include Sustainable Urban Freight Transport, Railway Engineering, and Food Technology.

One of the oldest European universities, the University of Oslo, has a wide range of specialized study programs. While most students are taught in the native language, there are also several English-taught undergraduate courses.

The University of Bologna is located in Italy. Its tuition is free for EU citizens and Swiss citizens. Students from other nations will pay approximately EUR6,700 for most courses in 2019/20.


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