Types of Summer Internships Abroad

summer internships abroad

Summer internships abroad are a fantastic way to gain practical work experience and get a feel for life in another country. In addition, they also make for fantastic networking opportunities.

These types of internships can be in a wide range of industries. Many are centered around the arts and entertainment industries, while others are in more traditional professional fields. There are also internships in social services, law, and hospitality.

One of the most popular types of summer internships is a paid one. However, getting accepted for such an internship is often a lot more competitive. The compensation is not as substantial as a full-time salary. For most, it is only a stipend to cover living costs.

Another great benefit of a paid internship is the opportunity to develop skills that can set you apart from the competition. A paid internship in Japan, for instance, is a fantastic way to learn about the culture of the Asian continent and develop your cross-cultural communication skills.

Marketing and communications is a growing field and an excellent place to pursue this type of internship. Interns in this area can be found with startups, small to large companies in the private sector, and NGOs.

Other popular internships are those related to business and economics. These types of internships offer a wide range of placement opportunities, including those in finance, human development, and agriculture.

If you haven’t decided on which internship to take, it’s a good idea to ask your family members for guidance. You’ll also want to consider the country’s needs and the language you speak. It’s important to remember that you may encounter culture shock and homesickness while you’re interning overseas.


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