Helping International Students Succeed at College

The international student population has become an important part of the American higher ed experience. They contribute almost $40 billion to the economy, prop up enrollment numbers and boost campus diversity.

International students also bring with them a variety of cultural experiences that enrich the lives of domestic students. Learning about the differences in foreign cultures can help domestic students better understand broader issues and form informed opinions on global challenges.

Adjusting to a new country, culture, language environment and college campus community takes time and can be overwhelming for many. For these reasons, it is important that domestic students help international students as much as possible.

Housing: Most universities have an office to help international students find housing and answer any questions they may have about where to live. These offices will provide information about preferred neighborhoods, how to get to school, expected rent and safety tips.

Transportation: Getting around is often difficult for international students. Having a friend that can drive you to classes, or even a driver who speaks your language, can make life much easier.

Language support: Some universities offer summer ESL courses or extra language support programs. These can be a great way to boost your language skills and help you to succeed at the university.

Writing centers: Having a writing center at the university is another great resource for international students. These are staffed by employees who specialize in helping international students write well.


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