University Asia Pacific

university asia pacific

University asia pacific

The Asia Pacific region encompasses Northeast Asia (China and Japan), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam) and Pacific America (the United States and Australia). It is home to huge cultural, political and economic diversity.

Explore the region’s history, culture and politics in this interdisciplinary degree. Choose from a range of courses in history, geography, economics and sociology to focus on the countries of the Asian Pacific.

A major in Asia-Pacific Studies is a great foundation for students interested in the global world, as well as a useful way to enhance careers in business, government and international organisations. Employers are increasingly requesting Asian and Pacific Studies graduates for roles within these sectors.

This degree will help you develop the knowledge and understanding of Asian cultures, societies and languages that is vital for success in the modern world. You will study a broad range of topics including East Asian religions, Chinese society and Japanese cinema as well as studying key issues in this fascinating region today such as economic development.

The University of Sydney has one of the world’s highest concentrations of Asia-Pacific expertise. Our staff are involved in research and teaching across the region, including the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre. This has led to a number of innovative research initiatives and international collaborations.


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