Ireland Colleges List For International Students

ireland colleges list for international students

Ireland is one of the top study abroad destinations in Europe with thousands of study programmes at over two dozen schools. The country’s renowned universities offer first-rate education in a traditional, yet modern setting.

There are also hundreds of scholarships and funding programs available to international students in Ireland. Several of these are offered by Irish government, while others are sponsored by private organisations.

Unlike many other countries, there are no visa requirements to study in Ireland for international students. However, you do need to meet certain academic criteria before applying.

For example, you must have completed upper secondary school and be able to prove your English language proficiency. Some universities may also have specific entry requirements for their degree courses.

It is worth mentioning that most undergraduate degrees in Ireland are three years long, but you can choose to study for a shorter period. Most full-time courses last between September and December, with a break in the winter and spring semesters for holidays and exams.

If you’re looking for an undergraduate degree in Ireland, it is well worth checking out the National College of Ireland, which offers a range of degree and postgraduate courses in fields such as business, computing, psychology, and technology. It also boasts of a high student-teacher ratio.

Another good option is to consider the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, a leading third-tier institution based in Dublin. This university is ranked highly in the World University Rankings and offers cheap tuition fees for incoming international master’s students.