Study Biotechnology in Australia

study biotechnology in australia

Study Biotechnology in Australia

In a world where we are seeking more sustainable ways to feed and fuel the population, new biotechnologies are being developed that alter agriculture, industry, and medicine. These new methods combine biology, engineering, and technology to provide solutions that improve quality of life.

Nevertheless, this transition has also resulted in a disjointed Australian biotech ecosystem. There is no clear strategy or policy to guide this largely disconnected sector.

To solve this issue, we have to consider the type of investors we should be attracting in order to maximise economic potential and growth for all stakeholders: industry players, government, and citizens. We also need to identify a coordinated suite of intellectual property laws in order to help Australia’s biotechnology industry to compete at the global level from discovery to commercialisation and manufacturing.

This research report will map the diverse government support mechanisms around Australia, and then identify recommendations that can be enacted by the Government in order to better equip Australia’s biotechnology industry with the tools it needs to succeed. It will then explore the key barriers to investment and innovation, and suggest ways to overcome these in order for Australian biotechnology to flourish as a successful job-creating industry.

In addition, we will look at the state of education for biotechnology in Australia and how this can be improved to better meet the needs of students and citizens. We will then identify some of the most popular study options for students in the field and explore the benefits of pursuing a degree in this rapidly growing, multi-disciplinary science.


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