Study in Australia From the Philippines

study in australia philippines

Australia is one of the top destinations for study in Asia – third most preferred destination behind USA and UK. It has a world-class university system, excellent infrastructure and a conducive environment for international students.

There are hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in a wide range of fields. Many of these programs are internationally recognized and offer a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow as a professional, including work experience and internships.

Study in Australia from the Philippines is affordable, safe and easy!

A life-changing experience awaits any student who chooses to study in Australia. The country offers a variety of scholarships and financial support that can help you pay for your study.

Scholarships in Australia are offered by universities and other institutions, and can be used to fund tuition fees and living costs. The scholarships are awarded based on your application and qualifications.

Philippine Studies in Australia

In early 2017, PINAS was founded by independent scholars and postgraduate research students from several Victorian universities as a collective of researchers in the field of Philippine studies. PINAS is committed to contributing to the development of Philippine Studies in Australia through community engagement, research, and networking efforts.

The Philippine Consulate General in Australia and La Trobe University have signed a Deed of Gift to advance the Philippine Studies program at La Trobe University. The donation will help support the active participation and support of a number of academic initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of Philippine culture to the Australian community and building Philippine-Australian relations.


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