Top French Universities For International Students

list of france university for international student

Top French universities

France has a long history as one of the world’s leading centers of arts, culture, and science. It is home to several top universities that attract a large number of international students each year.

Some of these top schools in France offer a diverse range of study options, including humanities, arts, science, and social sciences courses. Some are also known for their excellent business programmes.

Ecole Polytechnique

Originally founded as a military academy under Napoleon I, Ecole Polytechnique is now considered one of France’s elite universities, known as “grande ecoles”. It engages the science and technology fields with humanities and social sciences to promote responsible scientific and economic development.

The university has a long tradition of engaging the public in research and scholarship, while promoting a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has a global outlook and teaches the latest research in engineering, computer science, and other areas of science.

Paris Institute of Political Studies

A public research university, the Paris Institute of Political Studies offers courses that focus on social sciences and humanities. The university also has an emphasis on fostering intercultural understanding and helping students learn from other cultures.

Grenoble Alps University

The Grenoble Alps University is a highly-regarded French institution that focuses on integrating the natural environment into the teaching and learning process. It is also known for its commitment to social responsibility and is one of the best universities in France for international students.


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