Student Loans For International Students

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International Students

There are a number of options available to international students for funding their education. These include scholarships, grants, loans, and personal loans.

Loans are an excellent option for those who cannot qualify for other forms of financial aid. They typically offer lower interest rates than scholarships and grants, and can provide a more flexible repayment schedule.

The main challenge for international students looking for a student loan is finding one that will work for their specific situation. Many lenders require a cosigner from the USA, which can limit who qualifies.

Private Student Finance

There is a growing number of private student finance companies offering loans for international students. Some of these lenders do not require a cosigner, but you may need to have good credit.

Some of these companies will also help you find a loan with an international bank, so that you can receive your funds in the country where you are studying. This can save you time and money.

College Ave

College Ave is a Wilmington, Delaware-based lender that offers loans to undergraduates, graduate students, parents, and for career training. The company offers a variety of loan terms ranging from five to 15 years.


Juno offers private student loans for borrowers who meet certain criteria, including international students. The lender has competitive interest rates and a few features that make it attractive to borrowers, such as a 0.25% discount for enrolling in automatic payments and 1.00% cash back at graduation. It also does not require a cosigner for qualified applicants.


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