Study Abroad Requirements For Undergraduate Degree Programs

study abroad requirements

Study abroad is a critical component of the undergraduate experience, and many schools require students to complete one or more study abroad experiences. These requirements are designed to help students cultivate a global perspective and understand their place in the world.

The following schools offer undergraduate study abroad opportunities to meet their degree requirements:

Baltimore, Maryland (Goucher College) — All students at Goucher are required to participate in at least one study abroad program during their time at the school. This requirement allows Goucher students to begin their international experience early and develop a deep understanding of other cultures.

Atlanta, Georgia (University of Arkansas) – The University of Arkansas has a large variety of faculty-led study abroad programs around the globe that let students explore a subject matter in depth. These include apparel merchandising and product development in Milan, global community development in Mozambique, and international business in Brazil.

Boston, Massachusetts (Princeton) — Princeton’s study abroad requirements include a minimum of two semesters of full course enrollment in an approved program. This requirement means that students must register for a full course load equivalent to four Princeton courses each semester while they are abroad.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Middlebury) — Middlebury requires students to enroll in a full course load while studying abroad, and a staff member at each site oversees student enrollment under regular rules of degree progress. The staff member is responsible for academic and personal support, and for ensuring that the student’s studies meet the degree requirements of their program.


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