What to Expect From a German Education Fair

german education fair

Germany is one of the world’s top study destinations, with over four hundred thousand students from all around the world choosing to live and study in this vibrant country. It is a great place to experience a truly European education, and it has a lot to offer in terms of cultural contribution.

Free Tertiary Education

German university education is fee-free for international students (in all but one state) and tuition is not required at all for public universities. In addition, there is a scholarship scheme that can provide a substantial portion of the cost for students from aid-eligible countries studying in Germany.

Academic Excellence

With its high quality, research-driven universities, Germany is known throughout the world for delivering top-notch teaching and a cutting-edge research program. This is why Germany’s universities attract many international students from around the world.

Diversity in the Educational System

The German education system is divided into different tracks, each with a specific purpose and a particular emphasis. These tracks are influenced by the socio-political contexts in which the school system is developed.

These differences in the education system are not reversible after graduation, and they have a significant impact on the life chances of students. In this sense, it can be argued that the German education system is not equitable in practice.

Ethnic Minority Students

In Germany, it is common for ethnic minority children to have their education denied or limited. This is a form of discrimination against children from non-European backgrounds, and it is an issue that is reflected in the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s report. The report calls for Germany to do more to ensure that no minority child is denied a fair and equal education.


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