Study Abroad International Business

Study abroad International Business

Study abroad International Business provides an invaluable opportunity to gain experience and skills that can help you pursue a career in business or other professional endeavors. It can also provide you with a unique perspective that could set you apart from other applicants for job opportunities worldwide.

Studying abroad will introduce you to new cultures and ways of doing things, and it can help you develop your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as flexibility and motivation. These skills will benefit you in your future business life, as well as in the rest of your life.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about and understand the cultural differences in business practices across countries, including how management and leadership styles differ. You’ll also explore the financial and business systems of various regions, which can help you develop a strong understanding of how different economic, social and legal frameworks affect businesses.

Moreover, learning about different business systems can make you more aware of what’s at stake in the global economy. This can help you stay up to date on developments that may impact your industry and your job opportunities in the future.

For example, the recent trade dispute between the US and China highlights how important it is for students to understand the complex issues that are shaping international business. Consequently, an interdisciplinary curriculum is needed to prepare students for these challenges and opportunities.

If you want to pursue a major or minor in international business, you’ll need to enroll in the program that best meets your area of emphasis. Browse the WSB Approved Programs list for programs that have the required courses, or contact your advisor or the study abroad liaison for more information.

A study abroad experience should be a part of every business major’s education. This is because it allows students to learn how to adapt their thinking and behavior to a foreign culture, which is a necessary skill when working in international business.

There are several different types of business programs you can choose from when studying abroad, ranging from semester-long to short-term to international internships. You can find more information about each type of program below, or use the search tool to filter by region and program.

Many of the most popular options for business studies abroad involve immersion in an entire country, or a region, like Spain, Ireland or Portugal. In addition to your coursework, you can participate in activities that are culturally enriching, such as wine tasting and cooking classes.

You can also combine your Business coursework with language learning, or a career-building internship, as you do in our CAPA London, Florence and Sydney programs. These options are available for both undergraduate and graduate Business majors.

A Study Abroad Liaison will be available to support your academic decisions and help you receive credit for study abroad courses. All majors and minors are assigned a faculty member who will be your liaison to help you navigate credit policies and get the most out of your study abroad experience.


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