IELTS Franchise India

ielts franchise india

Franchise Opportunities in India

ielts franchise india is an opportunity to own an IELTS coaching center with a low investment. You can make unbelievable profits in this business by attracting students from all over the country.

IELTS is an English language test which is preferred by people from all over the world who want to study abroad. This is one of the fastest growing franchises in India as there is a high demand for it.

This is a franchise opportunity for those who want to own an IELTS coaching center in the Punjab region. The area is lacking an English language institute, and this would be a good way to fill the gap.

A franchisee can set up an IELTS coaching center in his or her locality, which is a very affordable venture as the start-up cost for it is only around Rs. 100,000.

You can employ an experienced tutor/coach and pay him or her a monthly or part-time salary/commission per student. You can even provide some training for the students who will be undergoing the course, so that they can become more effective in their communication.

Top Benefits of IELTS Franchise

IELTS is the most popular international language test and there is a lot of demand for this course worldwide. This has led to the increase in franchise opportunities of this business, which is one of the most lucrative and profitable opportunities for a newcomer.

According to the Association of Australian Education Representatives in India, the sale of IELTS by British Council to IDP has raised “multiple questions” that if not resolved could lead to arbitration before the Competition Commission of India (CCI). It has also been pointed out that IDP does not share candidate data between IELTS and their student placement teams and this may have contributed to the concerns raised by agents.


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