MS Colleges in the USA

If you are looking to pursue an MS course, the USA is one of the most popular destinations for pursuing this degree. It is a country with a long tradition of research and development, and its educational system is world-renowned.

The top universities in the USA offer excellent MS courses to international students who are seeking to improve their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, they also provide a lot of scholarship opportunities for those interested in pursuing an MS course.

Eligibility criteria for studying at the US universities vary from university to university, and from course to course. However, the minimum entry requirements are generally a bachelor’s degree in the desired field and good English proficiency scores from TOEFL or IELTS.

Besides that, most US universities accept GRE/GMAT scores for admission purposes as well. The average minimum GRE score is 650, while some schools may require a lower score.

Cost of MS in the US

Tuition fees for MS courses at top universities in the United States range from 20,000 USD to 70,000 USD, depending on the university and the course you choose. Moreover, you must also consider living costs including lodging, food, and transportation.

How many backlogs are accepted in the universities of USA for MS?

Most universities of the USA require no backlogs, but in some cases, they allow candidates to have up to five backlogs. The backlogs can be due to unavoidable reasons like illness, vacation or if you are working. Hence, make sure to start preparing for your GRE test as early as possible. This will help you in getting a higher GRE score and make you eligible for an esteemed university.


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