The Best Study Abroad Programs

best study abroad programs

Study abroad is one of the most powerful ways to advance your academic goals, improve your resume, and connect with the world (and yourself) on a deeper level. But there are so many options out there, which is why it can be tough to decide which is best for you.

The best study abroad programs offer a mix of academic and cultural experiences that are designed to engage students in new ways. These programs are often led by university faculty, allowing students to work closely with the professors in small group settings.

A great place to start is by figuring out what your academic interests are and what kind of cultural experiences you want to have. Then, find a program that matches those interests.

For instance, if you’re interested in learning about Tibetan culture, check out the Earlham College study abroad program in Dharamsala, India. During your time there, you’ll take courses in the language of Tibetan Buddhism, explore the Dalai Lama’s exiled government, and stay with a local family so that you can experience the country from the inside out.

Pepperdine – Malibu

The majority of Pepperdine students spend an academic year studying abroad. The school offers programs in Florence, Heidelberg, London, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai.

Suffolk – Boston

Suffolk offers extensive options across the globe and 14 programs that are exclusively for its students. These include the opportunity to live, study, and travel in Paris, London, Sydney, and Quito among others.


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