Malaysian Study in Australia

Studying abroad is a great way to explore the world and build your skills, independence, and confidence. It also offers the opportunity to experience a different culture and language, and it can help you develop your career goals.

Many Malaysian students want to study abroad because it offers an opportunity to learn under the best teachers in their field and at the most respected universities. This can be the case in countries with some of the strongest education systems, such as the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia.

The cost of studying in Australia is relatively low, with a range of scholarships and financial assistance programs available. However, you will need to take into account living expenses as well.

Accommodation is another big expense that can impact your budget. There are a number of options, including residential colleges, hostels and private rental houses. These vary in price depending on location and the number of other students in the same room.

Getting around is easy, as there are a variety of public transport options, including buses, trains and trams. Some cities cater more to tourists and tourists’ accommodation, while others are aimed at students and locals alike.

Food and drink is affordable in Australian cities, with plenty of foreign cuisines to choose from. It is important to plan your spending carefully as you don’t want to go overboard.

Working is also a possibility while you study, and there are various types of work visas available. Some require employer sponsorship, while others are based on points and have a maximum duration.


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