Medical Education in Ireland

medical education in ireland

Ireland has a well-developed healthcare system and MBBS graduates can find jobs easily. They also draw an average annual salary of USD* 61,300.

The medical education in ireland is considered to be one of the best in the world. Students can choose from a number of universities to complete their MBBS degree.

Irish Medical Schools have a global reputation for providing excellent student welfare, support systems and personal mentoring that will help you succeed in your studies. They are known for their innovative approach to teaching, high-quality research, and extensive clinical networks.

Generally speaking, applicants need to have some academic background in biology, chemistry, physics, and maths. Specific prerequisites will be outlined in the email the Atlantic Bridge program sends you after you submit your Application Request Form.

Admissions to med school in ireland are fairly centralized as they are all processed through a Complete Admissions Office. However, each university has its own international student admissions process and dedicated team that you should consult with.

Applying to medical school in ireland through Atlantic Bridge is an excellent option for North American students looking to study abroad who do not have luck with programs in the United States or Canada. The admissions process is much more relaxed than those found with AMCAS, OSMAS, or AACOMAS and does not have GPA requirements or MCAT standards.

The MBBS in ireland program is six years long and requires students to complete a lot of coursework. It is an interactive course and focuses on problem-based learning (PBL) methods to improve students’ understanding of the subject.


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