Online Chemistry Courses

online chemistry courses

Online chemistry courses provide an accessible way to learn chemistry without the hassle of traveling to a traditional classroom setting. These courses are taught by experienced faculty who use creative, out-of-the-box teaching methods.

The top chemistry online courses are free and open to students around the world, providing you with a strong foundation in this subject that can prepare you for many career options in science.

At edX, the world’s largest university-level learning platform, you’ll find plenty of online chemistry courses. Here, you’ll gain an understanding of chemistry through video lectures, quizzes, and other engaging activities.

Some of these courses are free, while others require a nominal fee. No matter which option you select, it’s wise to supplement your online study with independent research.

Online chemistry courses are now widely offered at universities and colleges around the globe as an alternative to traditional on-campus classroom settings. They can be ideal for working professionals or busy families who don’t have time for traditional on-campus lessons.

These courses will introduce the fundamentals of chemistry, such as matter, atoms, ions and molecules. Furthermore, they will teach you how to read and write chemical formulas as well as understand the electronic structure of atoms.

Another excellent chemistry online course is the MIT Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. This class is one of MIT’s largest, suitable for university students, high school students and teachers alike.

This online chemistry course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of atomic structure, chemical bonding and molecular geometry. Additionally, it covers chemical calculations and thermochemistry.


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