Private Colleges in Ireland

private colleges in ireland

Ireland boasts a diverse selection of private colleges for those pursuing higher education. These independent third-level institutions offer the same quality formal education as universities and ITs, but with smaller classes, clubs, societies and less expensive fees.

National & Government Educational Agencies

The Irish government oversees the entire national system of higher education, known as “the third level.” This includes universities, colleges of education, vocational schools and institutes of technology. The university system is administered by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), while technical institutes are funded through the Department of Education.

Research Activities

Irish colleges of education and universities provide a range of research programs, such as master’s degrees and doctorates, which usually receive state funding. These initiatives contribute significantly to Ireland’s international reputation for excellence.

Colleges of Education: These institutions provide teacher education at all levels, from primary to secondary, in a range of subject areas. They are an attractive option for those wishing to teach locally or pursue higher education opportunities.

Universities: These are Ireland’s largest and most esteemed higher education institutions, offering a range of degree courses from undergraduate to postgraduate level. Many are accredited by Qualifications and Quality Ireland (QQI).

Technological Institutions: These are specialist teaching institutions that specialize in a certain technology or interdisciplinary subject. Often part of larger universities, but can also exist independently as an independent entity.


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