Summer Study Abroad

summer study abroad

Summer Study Abroad is the perfect option for students who may not be ready for a semester or year abroad, or who simply want an experience without the commitment. You’ll have the chance to explore a different country, culture and language while earning valuable academic credit – making this option particularly budget-friendly compared to traditional fall or spring semester abroad programs.

Many summer programs provide more specialized courses than the standard semester program, giving you the chance to explore more of your host country or focus on one subject. This is an excellent way to delve deeper into your field of study while developing a greater appreciation for its cultural diversity and rich history.

Popular destinations for summer study abroad include Western Europe, including countries like Spain, Italy and France. Here, the summer months are warm and sunny – making it the ideal time to experience a different culture firsthand.

College students know the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, but when studying abroad it becomes even more essential. Experiencing new foods, music and people is an invaluable opportunity to expand your mind and push yourself beyond what you know.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to experience a different culture, broaden your horizons and develop skills that will last a lifetime. But making the decision to go can be intimidating, particularly during your early college career. But once you make up your mind to study abroad, the possibilities are endless!


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