Why Study in Malaysia?

Study in Malaysia

If you’re searching for a culturally diverse and dynamic country with some of Asia’s best education institutions, Malaysia is an excellent option. Here, you can find various courses at reasonable prices that will give you a solid foundation to launch your career from.

At UCLA, you’ll be surrounded by students from around the globe. You’ll form lifelong friends and gain invaluable insight from their experiences in a truly multicultural setting.

With the right course, you can obtain a highly relevant degree that will set you apart from others. Furthermore, studying in Malaysia has much lower costs than other countries on the continent.

Malaysia’s growing economy has provided it with the perfect platform to attract top-tier educational providers to open campuses here. These institutions are renowned for their excellence and offer a range of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Malaysia has seen an uptick in international students looking to study here, with over 150,000 coming here last year. Furthermore, the government is investing heavily into educational development efforts with hopes that this number will reach 200,000 by year-end.

Malaysia offers an expansive selection of educational qualifications, with courses covering business, arts, science, engineering, nursing and health sciences. Thanks to its abundance of universities, you’re sure to find the ideal course to suit your needs and interests.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by people from all backgrounds and cultures, with the main religions being Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. This makes it an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with local culture while honing your language skills in a secure setting.

Malaysia is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries, boasting an array of animal and plant species. With so many rainforests around it, students in Malaysia will have ample chances to observe an array of wildlife while studying here.

Studying in Malaysia exposes you to a vibrant cultural identity that is proudly expressed through their food, religion, festivals and languages. You’ll feel at home among people who take great pride in their heritage and heritage-holding culture.

Malaysia’s official language is Bahasa Malaysia, though English is also widely spoken throughout the country. This provides international students with an advantage as they can follow lectures without needing to take a separate language course.

While studying in Malaysia, you have the unique opportunity to embrace local culture by participating in festivals and celebrating national and religious holidays. This is an excellent way for you to meet Malaysians and integrate into their society; it will surely be an unforgettable part of your time here.

Malaysia offers an array of thrilling activities and events. For instance, there are numerous festivals, celebrations, and music festivals across the country.

Enjoy all these events and more throughout the year – there’s never a dull moment when it comes to exploring Malaysian culture!


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