Study in Switzerland – What You Need to Know

Study in Switzerland

If you’re interested in traveling, developing your business skills or developing an insight into how the world functions, Switzerland is one of the best destinations to study abroad. Situated on Western Europe’s borders with Italy, France and Germany, Switzerland provides ample opportunity to gain a new perspective of other cultures while studying abroad.

Studying in Switzerland – What You Should Know

Before anything else, you’ll need a student visa for Switzerland. To obtain one, you’ll need to submit documentation that proves your eligibility and it will cover your expenses while studying there; just remember to apply within 14 days of arriving in Switzerland!

Before arriving in Switzerland, make sure you have adequate student health insurance. This will guarantee you receive all necessary medical attention as required and help save on hospital bills if any are necessary.

Cost of Living in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland can come with higher expenses than expected, particularly if you live in the city. But don’t let this deter you – there are ways to cut costs and find affordable accommodations within budget.

Tuition fees in Switzerland differ between schools, so it’s wise to research and compare the fee structures at several universities. After that, you can make a list of those which offer programs and curriculum that suit your needs.

Scholarships in Switzerland are an excellent way to reduce tuition fees and make studying in Switzerland more accessible. These awards are given out by both the university and Swiss government in order to assist students from various countries.

The University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland with over 25,000 students. It offers courses across disciplines such as science, law, philosophy, theology and medicine; many Master’s degree programmes are taught in English.

Other top schools in Switzerland include University of Geneva and University of Bern. These offer a diverse range of courses, making them ideal for those wanting to experience another country and culture while studying here.

A Swiss Degree: The Benefits

Earning a Swiss degree not only offers you an impressive qualification, but it also has some fantastic advantages when searching for work. Due to the country’s robust economy, many reputable companies are willing to hire graduates with relevant skillsets. Furthermore, salaries in Switzerland tend to be significantly higher than other European nations.

Additionally, those with a Swiss degree have access to numerous internships and jobs that could help you land the dream company of yours. This is especially crucial if you are seeking employment in finance or tourism.

Switzerland Is A Multilingual Country

With 26 federal states and four national languages, Switzerland boasts a diverse population with people from around the globe. As such, it makes for an excellent study destination for those interested in learning a new language.


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