Study International Malaysia

study international malaysia

What to Expect

Studying abroad in Malaysia offers an unparalleled learning experience. This Southeast Asian nation offers cultural celebrations, world-class education, wildlife you won’t find elsewhere, idyllic beach escapes and English as the primary teaching language – making for a truly immersive learning environment.

International students pursuing studies in international relations in Malaysia can obtain degrees from a range of top-notch institutions. Furthermore, they have the option to apply for scholarships which help reduce the financial strain of their studies.

How to Apply for a Student Visa in Malaysia

Once you’ve chosen your university, the application process to secure your student pass must be completed. This involves registering an application with the university, gathering all required documents, and paying the government application fee.

Be sure to thoroughly read through and prepare all student pass application requirements. This includes obtaining copies of your academic transcripts and certificates as well as evidence that you have enough funds for tuition fees and living expenses.

Additionally, you must submit two passport-sized photographs. These should have a white background and measure 35mm x 45mm in size.

Your visa consultant will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home away from home!

Malaysia, once an important stop along the Spice Trade sea route, is now home to many cultures living harmoniously under one flag. As such, it has been ranked 16th globally for peace – making it an ideal location to learn more about diversity and coexistence.


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