Study Medicine in France For International Students

Study Medicine in France for International Students

Have you been dreaming of studying medicine? France is an ideal destination. The country boasts several prestigious medical schools which provide top-notch education to international students.

The French medical education system is unique to the country and offers students numerous learning opportunities. Furthermore, France is one of the few European countries without a closed number for MBBS admissions; this means you can be admitted into any university within France regardless of your residency status.

To be eligible for medical school, you must have completed secondary school in a recognized country and achieved at least 50% on your final exam. Furthermore, you must present both your high school transcript and letter of request to continue studies in France.

Studying medicine in France is possible if you possess a high school diploma, French language skills and enough money for support during your studies. The cost of tuition here is much cheaper than that in many other countries, making it an attractive option for international students.

Before beginning medical study in France, you must complete the Premier Cycle d’Etudes Medicales or PCEM program. This two year program covers all students pursuing degrees related to medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing or physiotherapy degrees within France and requires them to pass PACES at the end of their first year; only 15% -20% pass it annually.


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