The Cheapest University in Europe

the cheapest university in europe

Many students aspire to study abroad, explore new cultures and pave the path for their future. Unfortunately, tuition fees, living costs and daily expenditure may seem overwhelming for some international students.

If you’re a student looking to study abroad but have limited funds, European universities offer affordable bachelor and master’s degrees at fraction of the price of US schools.

ETH Zurich is a Swiss public university that specializes in engineering, science, and technology. With an enviable global reputation as one of the top universities within its field of study, ETH Zurich stands as a beacon for excellence.

RWTH Aachen University is one of the cheapest colleges in Germany for those looking to obtain their degree at a reasonable cost. It provides numerous specialized courses on materials engineering, architecture and georesources that can be completed quickly and affordably.

US News ranks it #55 for Best Global Universities 2022 and EduRank places it at #130 among the World’s Best Universities 2022. No surprise then that this highly selective school ranks highly;

For international students looking to study in Germany, the Free University of Berlin is an excellent option. It offers a wide selection of English-taught courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Universitat Wien is another great option for students wanting to study in Austria. As a state-funded university, they waive off tuition fees for non-EU students and only charge a nominal processing fee of 730 Euros per semester.

Norway is another option to consider if you want to save money on education. However, in order to obtain a student visa there, you must demonstrate your ability to support yourself financially for one year.


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