TV9 Education Fair – A Bridge Between Aspiring Students and Potential Institutes

tv9 education fair

As the admission season begins, students may feel overwhelmed with choosing the right field and institution for their future. That is why TV9 Education Fair has become such a vital link between aspirant students and potential institutes. This exhibition offers institutions an unparalleled chance to showcase their offerings and attract top minds from throughout Asia-Pacific.

KAB Educational Consultants, an educational leader for over 10 years, has been aiding students in making career choices. Its annual education fair serves as a valuable counselling program for those who have passed Intermediate and are seeking admission into professional courses in Andhra Pradesh. Here you can gain knowledge about courses, colleges and careers within the industry as well as gain acceptance into any college of your preference.

TV9 Education Fair 2019 presents institutes with an unparalleled chance to showcase their products in an expansive, visually-appealing arena where visitors can easily learn about the institute’s product offerings, facilities and services. Furthermore, it serves as a great platform to increase brand awareness in an increasingly competitive environment.


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