Get a PR in New Zealand After Study

Are you striving to make your dream of obtaining permanent residency in New Zealand a reality? Congratulations! Having permanent residence in the land of opportunities grants you unlimited rights to study, work and live there comfortably.

New Zealand offers PR opportunities to those who have completed studies from one of its recognized universities. A post-study visa may be issued for one, two, or three years depending on your qualifications and the alma mater you attended.

A 2-year Post-Study Work Visa is the first step toward securing permanent residency in New Zealand, though it’s not guaranteed. To maximize your chances of success, it’s wise to keep your sights set on PR in NZ while using this visa as time to find the job of your dreams while preparing for your next move.

In New Zealand, the process for obtaining your Permanent Resident card (PR) relies on a point-based immigration system. You earn points for each criteria you meet–qualifications, job offers and family connections–that must be fulfilled in order to earn these privileges.

Your score is affected by many factors, but to get an accurate measure of it you can use a PR Points Calculator. This tool will quickly calculate your skilled immigrant score and let you know if you have enough points for permanent residency in the U.S.

If you want to obtain a PR in New Zealand after studying, take your time and do all the research required. Selecting courses and universities which are in high demand is key. Furthermore, finding an experienced study abroad consultant who can guide you through the process is beneficial.


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