Postgraduate Courses in USA

Postgraduate courses in the USA offer an excellent opportunity to hone new qualifications and acquire valuable skills. These typically one to three year programs can range from academic or professional in nature depending on the subject you select.

The United States is the world’s top study abroad destination, offering a vast selection of postgraduate programmes in numerous fields. These degrees, known as ‘graduate degrees’, usually lead to careers in academia or research or specific professions like law or medicine.

Before applying for postgraduate courses in the USA, it’s best to start early (ideally before your undergraduate programme has finished). Many universities in the UK have partnerships with universities abroad as well, so check with your prospective university or institution’s international or exchanges and placements office about available programs.

American graduate degrees tend to be more structured than their British counterparts, with regular assessment and training tasks. This makes for a more rigorous academic experience but may also result in longer Masters degrees than in the UK.

A good understanding of English language proficiency is required for postgraduate programmes in the US. Common tests include TOEFL and IELTS; if you don’t possess this level yet, there are numerous free resources available that can assist.


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