Study Nursing in France

Study Nursing in France

France is one of the best countries in Europe to pursue nursing studies. Its top-rated public universities provide superior educational and training opportunities across a range of fields.

French nursing schools offer license, master, and doctoral degrees at various levels. Furthermore, the French educational system allows for study abroad opportunities.

Nurses are healthcare professionals that support patients and their families during illness or surgery. Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Nurses offer pre- and post-operative care as well as psychological comfort.

The French nursing profession enjoys great prestige and nurses are in high demand. It has become a popular choice among international students due to the country’s affordable tuition rates and superior educational system provided by its nursing schools.

Nursing in France requires extensive training and practical experience, making it essential to select the right school for you. IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly is an outstanding nursing school offering an impressive State Nursing Diploma that allows graduates to start working as a nurse immediately upon graduation.

IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly offers an innovative curriculum that emphasizes practical training rather than theoretical knowledge, making it the ideal option for international students looking to pursue nursing. With bilingual instruction in French and English, the school provides a comfortable learning environment.

The program here consists of lectures, group work, return demonstrations, evaluations (end-of-term exams), and clinicals. Furthermore, you must write a memoire (roughly translated as a thesis), which you must defend before a jury after the semester has ended.