The Benefits of a Virtual Education Fair

virtual education fair

Virtual education fairs provide universities and other educational institutions with a unique chance to showcase their programs to prospective students from around the world. Attending one event allows students from diverse backgrounds to get acquainted with the university of their choice in an accessible, one-stop setting.

Students attending a virtual education fair have the unique opportunity to communicate with representatives from universities and other educational institutions via chat functions, providing them with an in-depth overview of what each school has to offer. They may also ask questions to clarify their understanding of admission requirements or other pertinent details.

Universities and other educational institutions can now offer comprehensive multimedia information packets or even conduct one-on-one calls with potential students. These video and audio conferences can be held conveniently through virtual meeting platforms like Lansera.

AI Matchmaking & Advanced Search Filters

Educational institutes can host seminars or webinars for remote students to showcase their programs, as well as address issues like accommodation and campus life.

Brand-Specific Booths

Virtual events offer the unique opportunity to customize booths with branding elements like downloadable content, galleries and on-demand videos. Virtual fairs provide universities and other institutions with a platform to show off their brands in an organized setting.

Interactive Features

Virtual education fairs can be made fun by including leaderboards, scavenger hunts and other engaging activities to keep attendees involved throughout the event.

COVID-19 presents university recruiters with a number of challenges, but virtual fairs provide them with an alternative solution and access to thousands of potential students. As a result, students can discover all the essential details about the university and its programs without having to postpone studies or circumvent travel restrictions.


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