English Taught Masters in Europe

english taught masters in europe

English Taught Masters in Europe

European universities are making it easier for international students to pursue postgraduate study at the postgraduate level by offering a selection of english taught masters degrees on campus. Whether you want to specialize in business, law, engineering or another field – there is sure to be a program tailored just for you.

In Europe, master’s degrees are typically earned after earning an undergraduate degree, known as a bachelor’s. Earning this degree typically takes 2-3 years and typically consists of 90-120 ECTS credits depending on the country.

The Bologna Process is an EU initiative and support program that standardizes higher education structures while increasing student mobility across Europe. Most universities have adopted this system, enabling you to transfer credits between institutions in different countries.

Many universities provide degree courses in English online, so you don’t need to leave your home to acquire the skills and knowledge you need. Furthermore, some of these institutions were early supporters of MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses), which allow you to complete a wide range of courses at a fraction of the cost.

UC3M in Madrid

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, more commonly known as UC3M, is an internationally renowned institution offering English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Consistently ranked among the world’s best colleges and universities, UC3M offers programs in social sciences, business administration, and law that are all taught in English.


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