New Zealand Study Visa Requirements

If you wish to study in New Zealand, the country’s study visa requirements must be fulfilled. These vary based on the course type and duration of your stay.

Step 1: Applying for a New Zealand Student Visa

To start the application process, complete an INZ 1012 Student Visa Application Form and pay your application fee. Additionally, submit supporting documents.

Next, you must obtain a selection letter from the university or institute you are applying to. Additionally, you must pass through medical examination and provide police clearance report.

Visa decisions typically take three months prior to your course starting, so make sure you apply early enough so that all necessary documents are submitted on time.

Step 2: Documents

To demonstrate that you can afford to study in New Zealand and live there during the duration of your course, you will need to submit documents. This includes a valid passport as well as proof that you can cover living expenses.

Before applying for a New Zealand study visa, it’s wise to have all necessary documents on hand. The process can take up to four weeks from start to finish and an interview may be difficult but achievable if you prepare ahead of time.


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