Asian Studies PhD

asian studies phd

Asian studies PhD programs often examine the language, literature and culture of a region or country. These degrees often provide students with opportunities to work in teaching or research capacities as well as international trade/industry organizations, development agencies, immigration services or social services departments.

The Asian studies PhD is designed to equip students with the advanced library and internet research capabilities required for success. The program includes coursework, qualifying exams, and a dissertation.

Admission to the Phd program in Asian Studies requires either a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate Asian language, or master’s degree equivalent experience. To fulfill the language requirement, candidates must successfully complete either second year level proficiency in that language, or demonstrate equivalent competence through other means.

Graduate study at Cornell emphasizes the importance of having a close connection between student and advisor. Therefore, all students admitted to the Asian studies PhD must meet with their supervisor early in their first semester, to create an effective plan for the remainder of their graduate education.

Qualifications for an Asian Studies Phd

The Asian studies phd program is a rigorous program with an intense research-supervisory committee process designed to give students a strong foundation in academic research and teaching. It brings together faculty expertise across Asian languages, history, anthropology, religion and cultural studies with an emphasis on interdisciplinary training that showcases the many diverse cultures found within Asia.


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