Study Abroad New Zealand

Study abroad New Zealand is an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts, adventurers and students who appreciate being outside in nature. Whether on North or South Island you’ll find breathtaking beaches, mountains and lakes. Plus you’ll have Maori culture as well as a vibrant film scene to immerse yourself in! Art and design are also highly valued here!

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

In addition to the program fees universities charge, you’ll need to cover accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, and other related costs while studying in New Zealand. Most schools provide various options that will make managing these expenses easier during your time here easier.

You can get assistance with tuition and living costs while in New Zealand by applying for student grants. These are available to international students and may be awarded based on factors such as outstanding academic performance or financial need.

ISA has a network of local partners in New Zealand that can connect you with an advisor at one of our partner universities for assistance with your application. These advisors can assist with everything from prepping the document to finding housing and securing a New Zealand student visa.

How to Make Money While in New Zealand

One of the great benefits of studying in New Zealand is that you have the option to work while on your student visa. Unlike many countries, this allows for casual or permanent employment during your study period which could provide extra cash for expenses that might otherwise strain your budget.


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