PhD in New Zealand For International Students

Studying a PhD in New Zealand

A PhD is an advanced degree that can be earned at any one of New Zealand’s eight universities. These public-funded establishments, accredited and regulated by the government, conduct research across all major academic fields.

A PhD typically takes three to four years full-time to complete and is awarded when you have produced a substantial thesis that makes an important contribution to understanding within your chosen field of study. Your project will be supervised by an experienced researcher, who will assist you in the preparation for publication as well as presenting it to peers.

Your PhD degree will be evaluated in the same way as other degrees, with a viva voce examination. In some cases, this may take place online; however, many students prefer to hold their viva voce in person at a university where they can receive more feedback and refine their ideas before submitting them for review.

PhD tuition fees for international students are the same as those charged to domestic students, and you may bring your family along on your student visa. Furthermore, you have the option to apply for a post-study work visa which would enable you to work as an employee in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s cost of living is relatively low compared to other countries, so you should budget between NZD $15,000 and NZD $20,000 (USD $10,510-14,010) per year for your PhD study. You may earn money while working during this time; however, you must demonstrate that you can cover all your own expenses.


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